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    A Special World<br /><br />A special world for you and me<br />A special bond one cannot see<br />It wraps us up in its cocoon<br />And holds us fiercely in its womb.<br /><br />Its fingers spread like fine spun gold<br />Gently nestling us to the fold<br />Like silken thread it holds us fast<br />Bonds like this are meant to last.<br /><br />And though at times a thread may break<br />A new one forms in its wake<br />To bind us closer and keep us strong<br />In a special world, where we belong.<br /><br />- Sheelagh Lennon -

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    How We Met
    by Tess Templer
    How we met is not important,
    for my heart knew
    that you were l and l was you.

    A single caress became a symphony of passion,
    Insatiable longing,
    An unquenchable desire to possess you.
    I knew we could not last,
    like the exquisite butterfly whose life is but
    a mere short burst of brilliance,
    our love was an intense melee
    of emotional need and explosive passion -
    and although my heart was forever with you
    my mind knew the folly of believing the enchanted spell
    would last past midnight.

    How we met is not important -
    It is enough that we did.
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