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  1. MrsBocanegra

    I-864 or I864a

    No, he does not claim them as dependents on our joint taxes. I was thinking the same about filing the I-864 and having him fill out the I-864a.
  2. I need help deciding which form to fill out. My mother in-law, a permanent resident, is petitioning my sister in-law. My mother in-law currently has no income and lives with us. I am trying to figure out how to go about this. We sponsored our in-laws about two years ago. If my husband were to fill out an I-864a does he consider them in our household size in relation to poverty guidelines? If so then he does not make enough on his own. So, my next question is do I just fill out a separate I-864 and have him fill out the I-864a. My income alone is enough but I read that its best to have the spouse fill out the I-864a. I am really stuck on which route to take. I would hate to do anything that would delay this already long process. I APPRECIATE any help!!! Thank you
  3. We just received an email Welcome Letter from NVC. It outlines the 6 steps at NVC. I went in to complete the "Choose of Agent" this morning; however, I noticed once in there the AOS and IV fees are ready to be paid. Can I go ahead and pay them? I know in the past it took days for each one of those to be ready to pay. Should I just go ahead and pay both? I don't want to mess anything up. Thanks