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    Nov.19 2007- John and I met on a dating website called cherryblossoms. At this time i was still working under contract in taiwan until march. of 2008. By this time john and i were on an everyday basis of chatting. We were so happy that we met each other because we have alot in common. John was
    wanting to meet me in person and spend time with me . So i said when my contracts up ,why dont you plan a visit to the philippines to see me and meet my family. So thats what he did. April 4th 2008 john arrived after many many delays at the airports. We waited for about six hours and my parents were tired and hungry and said we dont think he is going to show up and wanted to leave. But i wasnt going anywhere , I have given him my word that i was going to meet him and thats what i did. John did call me from hongkong to tell me his flight was delayed but he was almost here. Once john arrived in ninoy international he had an airport worker call me and tell me he was comming out and for me to meet him. This worker described what john was wearing so we would see him right away. Now I was nervous because the time had come to meet face to face and i was very shy and nervous. When i saw him i called to him and said baby im here. John had a big smile on his tired face and we kissed and hugged for a while then I introduced him to all my family. After we all went out to eat dinner and talk. It was time to take john to his hotel. April 5th 2008 was the day john came to san mateo to visit my family and see my house. Apiil 6th 2008 was a sunday , (churchday) This was the day we spent together as a family and had a nice lunch outside. John had asked my dad if he could have his daughters hand in marraige and he said as long as you are serious and not just playing with my daughter. John was very serious about marrying me. April 7th 2008- John had enough of our hotel and wanted a change, so we decided to stay at the hyatt hotel and casino for a few days and romantic nights. It was a breath taking room with a view. April 12th 2008 we decieded to take a short trip to Beautiful boracay for some fun in the sun and thats where john proposed to me. It was very romantic and i was so blessed and excited to have found this special man . Our return back to manila was a disaster because we got stuck in kalibo airport because of a thypoon. What luck. After waiting 6 hours in that airport they finally told us that there were no more planes flying that night until the next day at 8 am.We were all upset at this news and had to find a hotel outside for the night. The rains can down in buckets that night but we eventually made it back to manila safe.
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