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    Poetry ~ Music ~ Reading ~ Writing ~ Computer Art ~ Cooking and Spending time with my Husband and Family~

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    Removing Conditions (pending)
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    Texas Service Center
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    San Antonio TX
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    United Kingdom
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    We met on the internet through a Poetry forum at a chat room where I hosted ~
    We both wrote poetry and built our friendship through that for 3 years before we decided to meet at a poetry gathering in San Antonio - Texas ~ Once we decided to meet and just before we did we realised over the time we'd fallen in love with each other and meeting just confirmed and strengthened our relationship and feelings for each other ~ we've known each other for 4 years now and it's hard spending time apart.

    ~~Prayer of Guidance~~

    Show to me the rainbows Lord
    Let's toss these sorrows out to sea
    Show to me the true beauty
    Of this life you've planned for me

    Lead me upon the pathway
    Please hold me when I fall
    Take away the pains of yesterday
    By removing lifes' built wall

    Give me hope and comfort Lord
    As morning leads us into day
    Surround me with your loving care
    And let your Angels lead the way

    Forever guide me to the soul
    Who has given to me his love
    A gift we share that makes us whole
    Received greatfully from above

    Let me share the songs he sings
    Hear the beauty from his voice
    Know we share lifes blessings
    And together is Gods choice

    Lead us to our destiny Lord
    Where our pathways join together
    For I know your gift to both of us
    Is a precious Love forever

    Let him feel my honesty
    and the pureness of my heart
    Let him understand my aching
    Each moment we're apart

    silent whispers ~ May 2003
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