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    I started working at Greylock Camp for Boys in 2004. this came after a summer working at an all girls camp which I hated it just wasn't for me. When I was being interviwed at Greylock the owner said to me " don't be suprised if you meet your husband here." All I could think at that time was "that's weird." However, when I arrived I knew I had found somewhere really special. I was hired as the director of the Drama Dept, I had a staff of 4 wonderful young men, two Americans, one Irishmen and lastly one Englishmen. It was first time I had been surrounded by all these different cultures. Getting to know these guys and work with them was awesome and I left that summer knowing this would be my summer home for a long time. In the summers to come there was an option to arrive early and work on the camp before the campers come, it's called pre-camp. I decided to give this a try. After a few years of being on the pre-camp staff I was promoted. It was the summer of 2007 that I was in charge of a whole bunch of young guys giving them tasks to do around camp. It was that summer I met Richard Bond, from Sheffield, England. He came with a friend that had come the summer earlier. We all got nicknames that year and his become "Oz" as in "Ozzy Osborne" the guys thought he sounded like him, so I always called him Oz. At first I have to admit Richard (Oz) was a wise guy, but I must say there was still something that got me. We started spending late nights talking about our lives and our family and realized we have a lot in common. He was slowly becoming someone I could see myself dating but becasue he lives in England I immediately put those thoughts out of my head. As the weeks of camp went by we became closer and closer and I couldn't deny my feelings were getting stronger, but I was pretty scared because I wasn't sure he was feeling the same way. Richard and I went out and talked about it and realized we were both feeling this about each other. Camp is a very intense place, you spend everyday with these people eat every meal with these people so, you become very close with people in a short amount of time. And that summer I was smitten. After camp ended, Richard and some friends went to Florida and I went to Las Vegas with some girlfriends, it was then that I was tested to see if this was the right thing, if this relationship would last. I ended up calling him everyday and talking I missed him and even though I was having fun I wanted to seee him. This was a feeling I had never felt before. When I got back Richard had a week before he went to England. It was then we decided to try this, to try to make this work. It was crazy how strongly I felt about him. After he left we talked almost everyday and as much as we could. By the end of September I booked my flight to come to visit him in Sheffield, it was my first time out of the country and I was going to meet his family and share with them an American Thanksgiving. Needless to say I was very nervous. So many thoughts going through my head, "will I still feel the same", "will his family like me?". But the moment I got off the plane and saw him, I could barely breathe. It was an amazing visit he had even booked his ticket to come back to the US at the end of January. I was about to go into the airport I told Richard not to be scared but he was the person I am supposed to be with. The next few months were gruling without him for me, we both counted down the days till we saw each other again. When he arrived back to the US we house sat my brothers house in Woodstock, New York. That was yet another test for us, to see if we could live together. I have to admit, there was some arguments but nothing major and again it just cemented the fact that we really did want to be together. He went back to England for a month just to get his visa to come back to camp and pre-camp. This summer was harder for us because the camp threw a few curve balls people were just harder to work with, but our relationship stayed strong. We planned a holiday after camp to Miami. We traveled there from Sept 3 till the 19th, it was there that while on the beach walking at sunset Richard proposed marriage to me. I was so overwhelmed and happy. I knew and know how right this is. He is the preson for me, the one where I am weak he is strong and where he is weak I am strong. I am amazed by him daily and I am a lucky girl. I am just counting down the days until he come back here to be with me.
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