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    Hi, my names Anne ... Shay and I met online at a writers forum back in 5/12/04 ... It was one of those wierd clicky things and we became friends instantly, I dont usually get to friendly or chatty with people online but for some reason we hit it off instantly ...

    For the next month we maintained a close friendship and chatted daily on yahoo and on the 20/1/05 I gave him a surprise birthday call ... From that moment on we became inseperable and in the 4 years we've been together we can count the days we have missed our daily calls which are mainly due to moving or outerstate trips even then we make every possible effort to have our daily talks even if it cut down to 30min-1hour instead of 3-4hours ...

    On the 17-02-07 Shay came to Oz to visit me for 5.5weeks ... it was amazing! to finally spend time with him face to face instead of on the phone was/is beyond words ... He stayed with me the entire time and it was wonderful to play house and see what our future could be together ... We tried to spend as much time with my family and another close friend who is like a second mum and I was soo relieved that they all liked each other ...

    Mum absolutely loves Shay to bits .. I was soo worried she would have a problem with us getting married and me leaving the country to be with him ... as it turns out they have developed there own little relationship and exchange cards and gifts and phone calls ... That makes me very happy that they like each other and want to be an active part of each others life ... At the end I would have done what was right for me and what made me happy ... Knowing I have my mothers blessing is the icing on the cake...

    Our future plans when our K1 is approved is for me to leave within 2-3 weeks and get married within 2-3 depending how long it takes to get our marriage licence ... We have decided to have an informal church wedding with just close family and friends and go away for a week together and make up for lost time ...

    It only took 34 years to find my soul mate and now we dont want to waste another moment ...
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