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    i met my wonderful husband while i was working on the ferry boat from norfolk to portsmouth. miro got on and asked in his cute little accent "is it a dollar?" i said "yea its a dollar" kinda mean cuz i was sooo tired of ppl asking me that question when there is like 100 signs everywhere stating the price...anyway my coworker to me to go talk to him so i did, he said he was from bg and his name was miro. but i heard him say "middle" so for 2 months i was calling him middle instead of miro until later i understood i was wrong...anyway when he got off the ferry he asked if i wanted to go out for a drink i said ok wat time( i was only 19 at the time so still not legal to drink) i heard him say in the morning and 10am was too early for me, so i told him 12....so next day im waiting and nobody and i waited til 1230. a few days later he rides the boat again and i asked wat happened to him...he told me he was there and it was rainy like hell!! i said no it was nice and sunny!!!! so we understood our misunderstanding...so again we plan to met up and again on a saturday nite i wait and no1, so a week later again he rides and this time i'm pretty mad...he said srry i forgot on saturdays we work late at nite, so this time i give him my cell number and told him to call when he can meet...and finallyi guess the 3rd time we finally go and meet each other...he got a beer with fries (one of his favorite combs!!) and i got a soda, and we talk about his home and about him...and from there "the rest is history" as they say!!!
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