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    Jon and I met when the american girlfriend of a friend of mine, having consumed sufficient alcohol, grabbed hold of me and sat me in front of a laptop, skype call running, and proclaimed "Speak".
    I should have seen it coming, actually. She's spent the previous month dropping hints about 'My friend Jon'; my own friend had more than once commented on how I needed to meet this "male version of you". I also don't remember much of that first talk. I got very, very drunk and ended up explaining the mysteries of the egyptian empire with a friend of mine and a moth that happened to be in the wrong place and got dubbed 'Mothra'. We spoke until 4 in the morning, wherein I had to go and throw up repeatedly and decided to go to sleep.
    Not exactly the fairytale introduction, but there it is. We spoke briefly on MSN after that, but the conversation was riddled with misunderstandings and we gave up fairly quickly.
    It was several weeks before my friend's girlfriend finally nagged me into calling him again. We spoke all day - he was at work, but that wasn't exactly an obstetrical. And then we spoke a few days later for the whole day.... and then a few days later... Before too long, we were speaking every day. I don't think either of us know what about. I don't think either of us really thought about it. He would log on in the morning at a ridiculous hour (about 5 in the morning, for him), and we would speak.
    Jon had a thing for me from the beginning - apparently he called me 'cute' while I was drunk, so I hid behind a bottle - me, not so much. At least, not until my friend was in america with his girlfriend once more. They had a party, wherein Jon got out a cigarette and was informed of my intense hatred for smoking. He said something like 'ok then', and proceeded to rip up his packet. He's not touched them since. I was informed of this (at length, by many people)... I have to admit, that's an interesting thing for a man to do for a woman he's barely met. I was intrigued.
    And that's how this dance began. It went on for a long time - within three months we were speaking fourteen hours a day, every day. Then, Jon's brother got married. We didn't speak to each-other for three days. It was hell. For both of us. When he came back, though I didn't know at the time, someone joked that maybe he should marry me. Which was when he first thought of it. I, on the other hand, just decided that maybe it was a little more than friendship or even curiosity here. There was no particular moment when it stopped being friends and started being a romantic relationship - Jon never asked me to be his girlfriend, and I never asked him, either. He proposed for the first time a month later. I didn't say anything - which is to say, I didn't say no.
    Then he had to go away again for a week. When he finally got back, he asked again. I said 'Yes'. He said he'd ask me again in person.
    He booked a flight to England for a month; and he booked me a flight back with him, in the US, for almost 3.
    He proposed (on one knee) in my hallway, and put a ring on my finger that was two sizes too large. It's been replaced by my grandmother's ring since then.
    Since those four months spent entirely in each-other's company, we've been dead set on spending the rest of our lives like that. When one finds someone one can speak to for 14 hours a day, almost 365 days a year, for two years, still having something to say each morning... let alone live with for four months in without a single fight. Well. One doesn't let that go. We're not going to. An Ocean's a little thing next to that. Although I gotta say; the lack of branston pickle made it a near thing.

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