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  1. Good Afternoon Its been a long time since I had to deal with visas for anything other then tourism and there is quite a lot that is unclear to me as a great deal has changed since then. So I have some questions with regards to it all. I'm a US citizen, currently residing in California. About 14 years ago I did some contract work in China and met a girl with whom we have had an off and on again relationship through the years. I was traveling back and forth and so was she as shes a distributor and had customers here at the time, so things were working out. As our relationship progressed we decided to get married and move together, but then ran into serious personal problems. My aunt and uncle died in an auto accident and I ended up raising my niece and nephew in addition to taking care of elderly parents including dealing with alzheimer's, no joy, while on her end she lost vast majority of her work as the effects of economic crisis that was here spread and also had to take care of her parents, consequently, had to stay there to provide for her family. So as a result we decided to call it off and not go through with our plans, but have continued off and on through the years. Fast forward, kids on both sides are grown up and on their own, and all other situations resolved and we would like to pick up where we left off. So as far as I understand, our options are K-1 and CR-1, I am unclear on both and have some questions. Last time we went through this we had to file something for DHS if I remember correctly, and the system was still paper based, not digital, between that and the actual visa filing this was a gigantic super long bureaucratic quagmire taking 1 and 1/2 to 2 years, is this still the case ? Or do we now just file for a K-1 directly ? Both K-1 and CR-1 take a very long time, is there anything else available that is faster and we can just get together and get on with our lives ? I read that the K-1 and CR-1 are seperate processes from any other visas, my girl has a business visa as she has customers here again, if we open up a K1 or CR-1 process is she prohibited from traveling to the US during that time ? I have read conflicting statements on this and would like some clarification. Once a visa is granted, would she have to quit doing business here for a while until she receives residency ? How soon can she work or move her business here or open an office ? Unclear on how this works. We actually never officially cancelled our last process, just let it expire and I did receive the expiration documents. Do we have to contact anyone for anything before we proceed again or can we just go ahead and file for visa without having to worry about getting it accidentally denied ? What would happen if we just get married here while she is on one of her business trips ? Assuming we want to keep everything legal and do not want to cause any issues, could we just do that and then file for whichever visa or residency permit ? Could she just travel back and forth as normal while that process is on file ? Thank you