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  1. We are done too. Wife received her card in the mail yesterday. We wont need to go through this again to remove conditions since it's valid for 10 years. Glad it' over after 19 months.
  2. Congrats! It seems this thread is coming to an end. Only msmontander and I are left.
  3. We had our interview this morning. Everything went well. The lady interviewing us was very nice and polite. She went through a series of questions for both of us taking turns to respond, they included birthdays, jobs, our address, what we did for my birthday that was just a few weeks ago, etc. Then we showed her some photos and she started asking my wife about all my relatives in it, she knew all the names which surprised me because I wouldn't have remembered my cousin's boyfriend name or the name of my mom's friend. She asked for a new medical as the one we submitted had expired, which we didnt have, she said we have 90 days to submit it and that she'll approve it afterwards. She also suggested that it would be better to wait 20 days before submitting it, that way we'll be over the 2 year anniversary and we wouldn't need to file again to remove conditions. So in the end everything worked out well.
  4. My wife and I are fine so far, maybe once it gets closer to the day I'll start frantically reviewing the documents to see we have everything :-)
  5. Houston is ok, the economy was roaring till mid 2015 until oil prices tumbled, now it's just average. From what I read education and healthcare are still good areas to be in. If you get a good position here it's a good city, home prices are not that expensive and standard of living is good. Weather is awesome if you have a house or live in apartment complex with a pool as it's warm 3/4ths of the year. We will be here probably for another 5 years or so and then move closer to family, mine lives in Chicago and hers in London so either city is in our long term future.
  6. I'm just making a file with originals and copies of all the documents that they listed in the interview notice. It's basically everything I already sent plus my new tax return and a few new photos of our last vacations and recent bank statements/insurance bills/etc. Not planning to hire a lawyer, I only hired one the very first time and tbh it's more for peace of mind than anything else, he only did small talk to the uscis officer for a minute and then it was just questions for me/us and that was it, they were all relatively fast. IIRC most of the time was spent by the officer checking his/her computer and files making sure he had all the forms than asking us for documents. Said that, I'm big on peace of mind, I like to feel well prepared so I'd get one for the interview if that will make you feel better.
  7. I think this is good news, at least someone is actively taking a look at your case. On the transcripts, those are easy to obtain, you can request a hard copy from the IRS (just google irs transcripts) or get one online from the website, I have always done printouts either from turbotax or from the irs online service for everything (my own GC 10 years ago, my citizenship 5 years ago, my mother's GC and now my wife's) and never had a problem. On my side, we finally got an interview notice last week for late July. After 16 months it was about time.
  8. Hi, Sorry to hear you case is still stuck somewhere.We haven't heard about ours either but at least my wife got her AP and EAD extensions fast. Has your husband thought about going back to school to do a Masters or something similar? If his degrees are only from Taiwan I can imagine why he's having a hard time finding a good job here. I came to the US 16 years ago (I'm a citizen now) and my college degree was pretty much useless here even though it was the top school in my country. The university I attended for my masters degree gave me tuition waiver plus a small salary working as a teaching assistant so I didnt have to take any loans, and masters are only 1.5 to 2 years long. I didnt have any problems finding a good job afterwards. Might be an option worth looking into.
  9. That's good Linyahui, congrats! My wife just got a letter asking to redo the biometrics (appointment on Friday). Not sure if this is good news and someone actually took a look at her case or if this was just computer generated and nothing has been done. Sigh