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    Berlin, Germany / Paducah, USA

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    K-1 Visa
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    Texas Service Center
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    Louisville KY
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    - met online in April 2004
    - started to write daily each other at the end of April 2004
    - fell in love with each other very quickly
    - started to talk with each other over the phone once or twice per week
    - started to phone with each other daily in August 2004
    - visited her in USA in September 2004 for several weeks
    - she visited me in Germany in November/December 2005 for two weeks
    - announced our engagement officially
    - visisted her in USA in January 2005 for further three weeks
    - my Honey visited me for two weeks in April 2005 (and joined the wedding of my sister with me)
    - finally moved to USA on 07-25-2005 (arrived in St. Louis at 5:10 pm) ... now the "real" journey of living together begins!
    - got married on 08-19-2005 at Panama City with a beautiful beach ceremony ... damn, was I sweating! :)
    - 01-04-2006 went back to Germany to visit my family for two weeks ... had to leave my Sweetheart back home in USA since we had only money for one ticket :(

    - collecting documents for a K1-visa since beginning of December 2004
    - filed I-129F to TSC on 02-09-2005
    - TSC got package on 02-15-2005
    - check cleared bank on 02-28-2005
    - got NOA1 on 03-02-2005
    - got NOA2 on 03-21-2005 (with date from 03-15-2005; coming from CSC instead of TSC!!!)
    - NVC got case/file from CSC on 03-26-2005
    - NVC sent case/file to embassy/consulate to Frankfurt (Germany) on 03-28-2005
    - consulate/embassy got case/file on 03-30-2005 (after 2 days!!!)
    - got Packet 3 from the embassy/consulate on 04-02-2005 (it almost goes too fast!)
    - had my medical examination on 04-07-2005 in Berlin (everything is just fine with me :))
    - embassy/consulate got packet 3 back on 04-29-2005
    - got packet 4 (with interview appointment) on 05-28-2005
    - interview on 06-27-2005 (10:00 am) in Frankfurt (Main); everything went just fine ... just a lot of waiting :)
    - ... now, wating for the visa in mail
    - 07-16-2005 Visa arrived in mail (finally - it only took 4 phone calls from my fiancee and being lost on 3 different desks)!
    - 12-12-2005 recieved employment authorization card and authorization for advance parole
    - 04-05-2006 2nd medical examination for my AOS-Interview ... Doctor was nice and I needed only the vaccination supplemental form; unfortunately did I need one more shot (weird, because my doctor in Germany said I am completely vaccinated)

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