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  1. Yes the mothers birth certificate was submitted for passport but they require proof of custody from the father but he lives in another country and we are unable to contact him to get a notorized statement from him. We are aware that the child became a citizen when her mother was naturalized so we are hopeing that the child no longer need a green card since she is also a citizen automaticly.
  2. My wife became a naturalized citizen in 2015. We would like to file a n600 for her daughter 9 years old but her green card expied 2013. Can her daughter still get a n600 with a expired green card? We would like to avoid having to pay almost $600 in fees for i90 and then have to pay $1200 for the n600 and also the wait time for both. We cant get a passport because the daughter has a differant father and we are unable to contact him because he lives in another country the passport office was requesting a dna test to prove my wife is the mother and has custody but the dna test is almost $1000.