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  1. Aug 1 issued. I also found out that when your case is at the embassy, you call Nvc and press 6. They can tell more about your case than call center in Philippines. Like they can tell you the notes and update made by the Embassy. Anyway I'm so happy that this is over for my dad's case. So it can happen, that we can email consuls and ask them to reconsider. But it's case to case basis. But no harm on trying.
  2. Status change again today at ceac. You think this is good news????
  3. Hello! I just want to share my father's journey . My mom who is a US citizen petioned my dad. She submitted I130 Oct and it got approved Dec5. WE were done with NVC by April and he was scheduled for May 23,17 interview in Manila. He had to undergo sputum test so interview was scheduled June 28. After interview he got a 221g for complete court records for his case that was dismissed and settled and he submitted it on July 4th together with the provisional dismissal and affidavit of disisstance ( which was a mistake I think on our part because on july 7th he got a call from a lady from the embassy and asking for the permanent dissmisal of the case). Prior to interview he got an email from embassy for him to go to NBI and undergo an interview and they told him they will send it to embassy and he is good. So anyway, after we got the second 221g for the permanent dismissal, he called the court where his case as filed and they told him that he can only file a motion one yr after the provisional dismissal was issued which will be on Nov. 2017.This made us very sad and disappointed! So what my mother did is she emailed the IV unit and request that they reconsider my father's case. That he already went to nbi and his name was cleared and explain to them that his case was dismissed and settled. She also said that she waited for a long time so that she can have a good paying job before she petitioned my dad so she can support him once he is here. Anyway that email was sent July 7. I've been checking CEAC and it has been in AP up until July 20. Then it changed again on July 21. Then my mom got a reply (7/21) from embassy saying that they have forwarded her communication to processing team for appropriate action. Is date changing in CEAC a good sign? I'm really hoping it is. Because if not, my dad's medical will expire in Oct. and he will have to undergo sputum again meaning, he probably won't be here until Jan of next year. Any help and similar experience shared with me will be gladly appreciated! Thank you and God bless us all!
  4. Hello! Did anybody here was issued a visa dispute of having a case that is provisionally dismissed? Thanks!
  5. My dad had his interview yesterday( Philippines) and he was told to just wait for his visa . I checked ceac today and it says it's in administrative processing. What does this mean?
  6. Hello! My mom who is a us citizen in petioning my dad. Once he arrives in the US and is a green card holder, can he apply for citizenship since they have been married for 39 yrs? My mom became a us citizen in 2015. Thanks!
  7. kokobearus

    St. Lukes Philippines

    How many days does it take for medical results to be delivered to US embassy in Manila?