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    I129F received by Nebraska Service Center August 22, 2005. October received notification documentation approved September 30th. I consider this "a very timely manner". Now waiting for hard copy of approval and instructions as to where to go from here. Thank You Service Center. You have to remember Deysi is Nicaragaun and her daughter is Costa Rican. Deysi has resided in Costa Rica for three years so thats the Consulate we were dealing with. Went to Costa Rica on Oct. 25th to see my fiance. I called the US Embassy on the 26th and they told me they had not received the packet from the NVC wait one week and give them a call. Before that time period was up they called and informed Deysi they had the packet I had submitted in the states and invited us to pick up the Packet 3 the following day. We picked up that packet on Nov. 11th and like a scavenger hunt it was off to fill the requirements. Doctors, Police and document bureau this took the most time and was the most frustrating. I can tell you the national pastime in Costa Rica has got to be standing in line at their governmental offices. Trust me it's the number one social gathering. When all requirements were fulfilled I called the Embassy Nov. 17th and told them that my departure date for the states was Nov. 24th and was wondering if I needed to be there for the interview. If so if we could get in before my departure. They were so very cordial and told me to come in the 19th at noon and we could get the interview done. When we arrived there was two more forms she had to complete and then we went back to the window and we had two forms which weren't current enough in the packet. Deysi was told to get those updated and return them the following tuesday and the Visa would be issued wednesdy. I told the gentleman that we were suppose to do the interview that day because I was leaving the following tuesday. He ask me if I filed the papers in the U.S. I answered yes. He ask me how long I had known Deyis I said approxomately 3 years and he said all the paperwork is in order and when she brings in those two documents that need updating she can pick up her visa the next day. Well once again the Bureau of Documents in San Jose couldn't possibly process anything that fast. Deysi had to make 2 separate trips to get two documents one attesting to the fact she was not married and returned them to the embassy on the 29th of Nov. Yesterday was the 30th of Nov. and she has visa in hand. I'd like to thank all involved for the overwhelming cooperation I have received start to finish. All U.S. Govermental offices and the employees at the U.S. Embassy in Costa RIca have gone out of their way to handle this matter in a truly timely and professional manner.

    Deysi and Feysy arrived in the Boise ID USA Christmas Dec. 25, 2005. Wow, what a wonderful treat to have them both here to celebrate our 2nd Christmas together. We were engaged one year earlier Christmas Eve in Costa Rica. My little Feysy (daughter) is just such a bonus and makes Christmas that much more special at 3 years of age. I am truly blessed.

    Feb. 14th Valentines Day 2006 we were married in our home in Boise and the following week we started work on the AOS which I sent off to the Chicago Office on March 3rd 2006. We're off on another paper shuffle trip. Hopefully it will be as smooth as the past. Visiting VisaJourney and reading the forums has made it possible to personally grease the wheels using the knowledge of others to slide on through.

    One of the things I did was create more or less a diary by photocopying my passport and drawing lines out to the side of the paper outlining each visit to Costa Rica telling the reader by using the entry dates the order as to when I met Deysi, the growth of our relationship over several visits, the travel to Nicaragua to meet her family and the visit of my family to Costa Rica to meet Deysi my Fiancee of course with pictures included. The person reviewing my file found it very easy to see our relationship grow and blossom.

    Deysi and I had our interveiw with immigration the end of August and Deysi and Feysy were issued there green card on September 1, 2006. This was a breeze with the interviewer doing such a fine job of making it a very pleasent experience. Providing information and help at every turn. I have nothing but the finest things to say about the whole experience.

    In June of 2007 Deysi's mother applied for a non-immigrant visitor visa to visit us here In Boise ID. She is a Nicaraguan citizen and applied at the embasy in Nicaragua. The cost was aproximately $120.00US and I sent along a letter of invitation to her to present to the Embasy. She was summoned for an interview on the 23rd of July and approved for Visa that day which she was told to pick up at her local bank on the 27th of July. She followed the directions and as smooth as silk everything is in order. My wife,daughter and I are planning a visit to Costa Rica on the 28th of August returning the 27th of September. At that time Deysi's mother will join us in COsta Rica and we will all return together. This will make travel so much easier for mother because she does not read or write and has never been in an airport like we will be negotiating in Miami and L.A. clearing customs in Miami. She will return home on the 30th of October as she has a 60 visitors visa and I have made it perfectly clear that staying at our home for 30 days is a visit anything beyond that is an intrusion. I love her but we have a life and I bought the ticket, so she will have to play by my rules and be here for roughly 32 days. I'm sure she will visit on a regular basis and I want her to as I want our daughter to not forget her heritage and I want her to be close as possible to her grandmother. Going home for mother to do on her own but she will be negotiating the same airports we did when we came so we will do everything possible to make sure she is aware of the nuiances of those airports. Also she will be traveling direrctly into her hometown of Managua from Miami thus alieviating any problems with Costa Rica customs often times a problem for a Nicaraguan citizen flying back into San Jose.

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