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    The only portion of my life I can think about is having a smooth process with immigration. It is all in God's hands no matter how anxious I may get.

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    I met my love through his sister at our local hair salon. I knew her for some quite some time, but I was also in a previous relationship. After five years of putting with a guy who had issues with commitment I called it quits...way over due!!! One day we were having "girl talk" and we were talking about relationships. I made a comment that I have not given up on love, but I could not see me going through another long relationship where the person "just don't know," whether or not they are ready for a commitment. His sister replied that I sound like her brother. She never brought him up again until the following month. She was hesitant on trying to set us up, but she said it was worth a try. Well, during the Christmas season it was real hard trying to catch up, but once I got in a good groove we were able to chat more, and one conversation led to another. I was so hesitant letting him into my circle because I have a trust issue after the last relationship, but my heart could not help fall in love with him. Well, to make a long story even longer...smile...we finally decided to meet, but we have already declared our love for each other. Well, in June I had the most beautiful experience of meeting my God sent. It was an amazing trip and it was more than I ever expected. His family was nice, though some hated that I was American, but I could bypass most of that. We knew for sure that we wanted to be with each other forever. I have never felt so sure of anything in my life besides obtaining degrees...pretty lame of a life. I never saw myself married, and better yet I just thought marriage was not for me. But, God kept me in his heart and sent my divine given mate for life. I just pray that we make it smoothly and without any trouble. I know this is a pressed situation that is high strung for all even the consulates, but I am praying for God's favor.

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  1. Your story sounds so inspiring and I hope that we have good fortune as you did. Just starting the process but, ready to face it. We have just started a Facebook group for those in the Atlanta area interested in getting together occasionally... would love to have you. Let me know if you would be interested... Atlanta Ladies with Nigerian Guys. Have a blessed day.

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