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    Amin and I met online thru a travel website on 29 April 2008, Neither one of us were there looking for love, it just kinda happened. I had noticed him come to my profile multiple times there, and so thought I ought to go see his. I flipped rather hastily thru his photos, and didn't notice the one that honestly was from a dream I had not only weeks before, but as many as 5 years ago! We started talking outside of the website, which is not a norm for me-- Usually I am a rather suspicious person when it comes to the internet! I went back to his profile where I saw the afore mentioned photo... Well, long story short, I flew to Jordan to meet & marry this man from my dreams, we started the long wearing process of marriage in Jordan to a divorcee(myself), and finally on 3 June 2008, we were united as one in this life forever! I am 100% certain Amin is my soulmate, we fit just like gloves to one another and he treats me like a queen no matter the situation we are in! I love him with all my heart, and hope that this process goes as quickly as it can so we can be together working on making our family life a real one! Wish us LUCK and pray for us too!--- As we are for all of you!--much love Amy

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