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    I met Richard on a family vacation in April 2006. We kept in contact daily and somewhere along the way I realized I had fallen in love with this boy and hhad finally found "the one" who made me feel complete. Then after 6 momtnhs of this I figured I would never ever see this boy again and was wasting way too much time and money on a "fairytale" in my head. I quit taking hs phone calls and avoided him completely. He never once gave up on me or trying to get in contact with me. He called my parents at one point to see if I was alive and if everyhting was ok. Then I found out we were going back to Jamaica and I called him out of the blue. He was happy to hear from me but at the same time seemed very cold towards me as I "dropped him" out of my life with no warning or anything. He tried to act as if he didn't care but I knew he did and reminded him that I had missed calls from him everyday so how could he not.

    Me and the family went back in April of 2007 for another family vacation and it was as if I had never left. I was so happy to see him and spent every waking moment with him. We spent alot of time with my family as well and he showed us the ways of life in Jamaica and things off the beaten path that were not so touristy (if thats even a word). Finally one night when we were all sitting around and talking he asked my parents for their permission to marry me. A bit nervous I was that my parents were going to find out we had been in constant contact since we left the previous year but it all worked out. I was only supposed to be there for 4 days and then go back home to return to work but my dad called and had my plane ticket changed to allow me to stay 3 more days and we told my work I missed my flight (was not a good thing once I returned to work :P ) Leaving was hard to do and was unhappy my parents would be there another week without me. Once I left Richard continued to spend time with my family and show them around. I think he gained mega points with the parents after I left hahaha.

    I then took a trip by myself in July 2007 and he proposed to me and of course I said yes. THe time there this time was far different than the previous 2 trios as it was just me and him. No parents, no siblings...just me and him. I got to meet more of his family and friends and have quality time with him 24/7 (except for when he was working which I tagged along for as well) And how I got on that plane to come home I will never know. We had the people at the airport crying over us crying and telling us we would be together again soon enough.

    Me and the family went back for 10 days over Thanksgiving and my birthday and I have not been able to get back since which is starting to get to me but we still talk daily and at least 10 times a day. This time my mom met his family and got to know them and was convinced that her baby girl really was in love and not just a phase I was going thru. If anyone knows me 100% besides Richard, it would be my mother. And for her to hear I was in love and would marry this boy in a heartbeat no questons asked back when he asked permission to marry me, she was floored. She told him as long as its what her daughter wants and makes her happy she supports it. She figured I would say no. Fooled her didn't I? :)

    Anyways I have not been able to get back to visit because shortly after we got home I found out I was expecting and had a very rough pregnancy from the start. I gave birth to our 2 little ones Patrick and Leighana on June 27, 2008. They arrived 6 weeks early but are healthy as can be. Now we are all patiently awaiting the interview and him to be here with all of us. We were going to make flight arrangemnts to go down and visit and found out that the babies need passports as well. Who would have thought 6 week old babies would need a passport? Well they do and we are now waiting for them to come in the mail. If we do not have an interview date by the time they arrive we will make a trip down for a long weekend. It is killing him to not hold his babies and have to see them thru pictures in the mail.

    I could type a novel of our love story and how we fell in love but here is the condensed version becasue 2 newborns don't allow much free time!
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