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    Well, i went to USA on december 2nd,2007 because all last year(2007) , my friends and i wanted to go with the visa j1, u know, its just to work for 3 months so got a job offer to work in Cleveland, Ohio. At the beginning, my friend jenny and i were staying at my friend's boyfriend house while we're looking for an apartment to stay in. I met Justin by internet (myspace.com), it was kind of weird because i never used to date somebody that i met on the internet, but he was the one who send me a message to my profile hahaha!! so after one week, he asked me for a date, it was pretty fast for me to accepted the invitation actually, but i did! .. we went to the movies on december 23rd and he was so cute ,nice , quiet, shy and we saw alvin and the chipmunks hahaha!! so he was dying! after the movies , we went to a restaurant to eat something , the funny thing was that both of us were pretty shy at beginning but the date got much more interisting after a few hours, i felt so sad because it was the first xmas that i was not spending with my family so he invited me to spend it with his family, what i didnt know is that his parents we're divorced and each of them had a new family. His family was nice to me and i had a great time with me.

    It was so awesome that since the first time we met, we never missed one day without seeing each other or talking on the phone.

    We are so in love. He came 3 times to my country and my family just love him!

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