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    TamTu and I had been apart of the same forum community for quite some time [although he joined first]. One day, in 2003, he had randomly sent me an instant message -- while I was still asleep. I'd forgotten my away message and I suppose he thought I was at the computer. Upon waking up for school, I noticed his message and chose to respond to him because - well, he was the owner of the community and I figured it would be of some importance to not make him wait. Anyway, we started talking about his scholastic career and he asked about mine. He made me promise to do well in school. :P

    After that, we began talking more and more. I started to feel something more than friendly for him almost right away - he was just so funny, incredibly smart and just an amazing guy to have conversations with. The downside was... he had a girlfriend. :( I became his confidant - His go-to girl for advice, venting-purposes.. anything! A few months later, in December, he called me and.. I was so nervous the entire time, I could barely make my first few words out. I don't know if he noticed, but in looking back.. I don't know how he couldn't have. :P

    As the days and weeks passed, he would come to me about how things weren't looking good with his girlfriend. I would be supportive, though.. it always killed me inside to talk to him about it - having such feelings for him and all. :P ..Then, one night, he sent me a message, telling me that she'd ended things with him, and that he felt heart broken over it. We talked and I consoled him and.. he began to continue his life as normal.

    On Valentine's Day of 2004, I had made mention to a friend about some wishes I had, if I had a boyfriend. I guess these wishes were relayed to him because.. he surprised me by fulfilling them! He sang the song that I had mentioned, he went outside and took a picture of the stars so "we could watch them together." It was.. incredibly sweet and.. my heart just.. melted.

    About a month later, on March 16th, he initiated a discussion with me about long distance relationships. Talking about how hard it could be, how long the wait could be and the possibility of them working. Throughout all of it, I kept thinking, "It's a risk I would be willing to take! Really!" Something I thought about saying multiple times -- until he said it to me. I agreed and.. the discussion continued. We spoke about this for a long time, until I realized I was quite late for one of my night classes. Before I left.. he asked me to be with him. I, of course, agreed. I remember dancing out of the house that night, and smiling so brightly all throughout the next day. I'd never been happier.

    The discussion of meeting came up and.. we decided that we would attend the community meet-up, so we could finally meet face to face. In late September, we finally got that chance.

    He said he was going to play a trick on me, by having a silly hand-buzzer-thing with him.. but instead, he got everyone around me to think that they couldn't find him. He snuck up behind me, and.. I immediately threw my arms around him, digging my head into his shoulder. He asked me, "Am I going to get to see your face at all today?" ..Oops. :P

    Jump to 2006. He'd been visiting for just over two weeks, and it was two days before he had to go back home. We were getting ready for the day, but in realizing how little time we had left, I'd buried my head in my sheets and started to cry. He came up to me, laid next to me and held me, saying "Just cry. Let it out." So, I did. As I was crying, he pulled some hair back from behind my ears and whispered, "Marry me."

    Of course, I said yes. -- The best part? He proposed clad only in blue, flamed boxer shorts!

    ..Though a few minutes later, I also asked, "..Wait, you were serious, right?" ..And, yes, he was.

    On August 19th, 2008, he asked my parents for permission to marry me - They said yes. On August 20th, 2008, TamTu and I went to Clear Lake for the day and, in the evening, he took me out to the docks and got down on one knee, pulled out a ring and asked me the traditional way. :) I cried.

    On October 6th, 2008, I sent his K-1 petition.

    In October of 2009, I found out some pretty unsavory things about him and our relationship. I Attempted to work things through, but things snowballed way out of the realm of what's acceptable. In November of 2009, I told him we needed a break; a month later, things had become worse, not better, so I ended the relationship. I'll leave my timeline up, in the event that it may be helpful to others.

    b]03.16.04; 7:00PM[/b] - The day he asked me to be his.
    [b]09.24.04[/b] - Our first meeting.
    [b]12.19.05[/b] - Our second meeting.
    [b]01.02.06[/b] - He proposes; we become engaged!
    [b]12.16.06 [/b]- Our third meeting.
    [b]07.16.07[/b] - Our forth meeting; I meet his family.
    [b]12.22.07[/b] - Our fifth meeting.
    [b]08.16.08[/b] - Our sixth meeting.
    [b]08.20.08[/b] - Traditional proposal.
    [b]10.06.08[/b] - I-129F sent. :)
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