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    preaching, writing, running, spending quiet moments with God, talking to the love of my life, doing ministry work, sharing Jesus with others, reading, .....

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    Our story is one for the books. It is a story of God's faithfulness. We, Jason & Liza, met in September of 2005, just when I (Liza) was praying for true love and for the man that God has set aside for me.

    It was a chance meeting at a friend's house. I was late for dinner and when I sat on the only empty chair, i almost fell off my seat when I saw the man right across me. He had the exact features of the man I was asking God for. But then, he was with another woman and so I didn't entertain any more thoughts. But what happened that night was a very strong connection that both of us sensed. We never saw each other after that.

    A month after he returned to Washington, I found out that he broke up with his girlfriend. I got hold of his email add and that started our long distance friendship. Months later, our friendship evolved into something deeper. We both believed that we are God's plan for each other. He wanted so much to be with me and experience me in person, but he couldn't come back here because of his work. And so, I planned to visit him instead. We were so excited, but then, my tourist visa was denied.

    That left us so devastated. He gave up. I got tired. We left everything in God's hands. We both moved on and became busy with our respective ministries (we are both ministers, btw). I dated. He did too. And then last year, after both of us had failed relationships, he decided to finally come here, this time to claim for me.

    I wasn't really expecting it. It was really a move from God. He came here and at first, I was scared. It didn't take long though. He was serious about his visit here -- and that is to fulfill God's plan of us being husband and wife.

    We wanted to get married here but we also wanted to be together soon. We have waited so long already. And so we decided to just have our wedding in Washington, when I finally get there.

    We made our personal vows to God that we commit ourselves to each other, as unto Him.

    And so, the waiting continues.

    And since this relationship has always been about faith, it will continue in faith.

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