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    Rebecca & Myself met years ago playing Everquest 2, We were in the same guild, We got along great and had some fun in the groups we happened to be both in at the same time RL took a turn for me and I left the Game behind, still checking the forums ( I guess old habbits die hard). I remember looking through the guild piccies of RL and thining WOW what a stunning person when I looked at Rebecca's piccie (the lads with me at the time all agreed), Anyways After leaving the game I noticed Rebecca had left the game not long after me, So I sent her a message saying "Heya hows life. it looks pretty mesed up if youve quit EQ2, Heres my email and my MSN if you want to chat here I am".
    And that as they say is that. We talked on MSN for about a while until I plucked up the courage to get Rebecca's Number and I called (pre skype) we talked as much in real life as we did on MSN, things to a serious turn & I took my first commercial flight to see Rebecca. The first time I saw her in the airport my heart stopped a lump appeared in my thoat and I knew she was the one for me. The one I would never let go of and travel to the ends of the world for.

    And now I am.

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