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    Country living and rebuilding classic American muscle cars. I have 41 projects right now and loving my time with them all. No weaklings on this plot of land only real muscle cars.

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    This is my second Filipina wife, the first was the worst now I have the best. The kind you read about in books describing how wonderful Filipina are. Yeah, I got me that one.

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  1. Thank you both Mark and Chris. My first Filipina wife I was about 4 years into our marriage and it just didn't feel right. Later I found out why, but brought her here for a better future anyway. My new one, I have no doubt she is perfection in every cense of the word. We met totally by accident online. Thanks guys and God bless you both.
  2. That's just what I felt too. I do my best to be deathly honest because in life that stands us in a better light. I just didn't know what direction to go in to get something in writhing. Monday I will go to county to attempt getting something to clear me of my cleared past. Getting totally cleared is good and bad it seems. I paid dearly for my 5 years in Iraq but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Thank you.
  3. Long story I wish I could shorten it but I cant. In 2004 I harried a Filipina and I was in Iraq 90% of the time we were married. I came home 2/08 she came here 3/08 on the visa I finished in 2007 for her a K-3. I want to interject this, all of these were between 1976-1984 "LONG" ago. In that visa application I let it be known that I "had" 4 DUI in my past. At that time they only wanted close ideas of dates to each. We divorced in 2010, she was with me less than 1 year here. Now I have found a perfectly amazing Filipina that ii need to get here and marry. The new 129f has in part 3, question 2.C. that I am having a big problem with. Yes in my 130 application years ago DHLS has my 4 DUI on record "I THINK". My problem is the time I spent in Iraq, the government entity that I was closely associated with told me they would clear all my past if I "did things" for them. Well I filed to get my criminal history here in Texas last month, it came back "0". I thought great they cleared it. Today I called my county records office and had long conversations about my county records that I knew they had. Again a "0". So, what can I do? do I say NO to the question of do I have 3 or more arrests and hope they don't check back to see that I actually did in the "past"? There are no records at all at any level for me to get certified copies from. Not state, county or city. I cant give then what just isn't there anymore. I hate to be dishonest and if I am them my future will get the visa at least stopped till I can explain. Or how can I even explain something that has no proof of ever happening?