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  1. Yep. My wife applied for her dual citizenship and did the passport application at the same time. Her sister did the same for herself and her daughter at the outreach.
  2. Yeah, I've reiterated several times to him so he can pass it own to his fiance' to only open the envelope where her passport is.
  3. Thanks! Is there anything (documents) she will need at the airport after she has the visa? What I"m reading is she will only need her passport with visa and CFO stamp, her child's passport and visa.
  4. Of course, my friend will not book any flight until he has the visa on her passport. He has been to PH many times and stayed there a month at a time, he does not want to travel there just to assist her on this issue. I have given him the advice I am aware of and passed along advice from VJ. He has looked for guidance from PH websites and nothing there about this issue. We'll see.
  5. YEah, that is what he has been telling her. "Stop listening to your Filipina friends." Also, he says she is getting this information from some "official". Also, he sent me a txt saying he told her to go to the vice mayor of her small town and ask him about this and if it is necessary....again, according to what she said, the VM said it was and was there for her protection. As many of us know that have dealt with some places in the PH, it can be very frustrating. We (my friend and I) are wondering if they are looking for a bribe. I hate to think that, but.... After everyone's post of last night, I told my friend that he should get his fiance' to forget about this letter, go to the physical and interview and not worry about it unless they ask. He will call me later and I'll update.
  6. Okay, Hank. Thanks for your help. I'm passing all this info to my friend. They are not using a lawyer, all the process has been done by my friend and they have received approval. It is now her turn to gather any and all document she needs, which according to my friend, they have 99% of needed documents. Like I've stated previously, he and I are not sure where she came up with or who told her she needed this document. I will update everyone after I have more information.
  7. Okay, thanks. That is what I was thinking, but she is saying it is a government document. I will check and see if he is listed on the birth certificate. All the visa applications have been approved. She is now scheduling her StLukes and Embassy interviews, however, she has been told by some authority in her small town (I don't know who) that they will not issue this 'mystery document' until she has the ticket to the US. According to the fiance', she was told this document is required to prevent 'child trafficking'....
  8. Thanks. Anyone that has recent experience with this situation is welcomed to reply.
  9. Thank you for your help, but I said I was not sure if it was the NBI or some other place, however, are you asking was the child born out of wedlock? If so, yes, she was born out of wedlock. Thanks.
  10. I have no idea. I'm going on what he said. He said the daughter of his fiance needed a travel document to leave the country. I'm not sure if it is at the NBI, as I stated, but It is needed for her daughter.
  11. Hi All, My buddy and his fiance' were approved this past month. She is about to schedule her physical and interview but is stuck at getting a travel document for her child. According to her (this is what my friend told me) she has been to the NBI or wherever she needed to get the travel document for her child (8years old). They told her she would have to have her ticket first, then they would issue the travel document for her daughter. She is under the impression she will have to fly to Manila, get the physical and interview, buy the ticket to the U.S, then fly back to her home town and get the travel document, then fly back to Manila then to U.S. He and I think this makes no sense. I would think all this could be handled at the Philippine embassy or NBI in Manila. Any advice will be appreciated.
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