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  1. He has the almost every piece of documentation, he is only missing the final disposition and expungement document. He still has the discovery after all these years. I will tell him to find the original version of the law that it was expunged under so he can explain it.
  2. It might be possible to get a copy of the trial order from his public defender. We will try them fist!
  3. Thanks for this info. We were under the impression that either direction (K-1 or CR-1) would be subject to this question and review.
  4. Long story short: 12 years ago my fiance was arrested, charged, and found NOT GUILTY of a charge that falls under the AWA. It was a jury trial. At the trial, the judge recommended that he file an expungement because of how serious it was, and he did, and it was granted. He currently works for the state government and had an FBI Background run on him in 2021 that said there was no record of any arrests (he still has the FBI Report). We are looking to file the I129F with a child added on, and we want to know if this will cause any issues. He is considering having a new FBI background report ran and a State Police one and attaching it as supporting evidence. Any advice, information, or direction to people in similar situations would be really appreciated. He contacted his former public defender and was told that getting a copy of that record was next to impossible.
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