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  1. When we filed our I-130 we were under the assumption we would be able to change my last name to my husbands name, and in the documentation of the I-130 it said you could fill in your married name as long as you provided a copy of the marriage certificate. So we did. We filed about 7-8 months ago, and we're hoping to be able to go to the next stage soon. As we're looking to change my last name, the Dutch government told us that I am unable to do so. You can only change your surname in very specific circumstances, and getting married isn't one of them. I still find this a little difficult to believe, but all evidence points to the fact that they were correct. Instead, you can add a field in your passport ("e/v") which translated means, "spouse of", and then have your married name written there. I would really like my GC (and all subsequent documentation) to have my married name rather than my maiden name. My question: What should we fill out on the DS260? 1.) Do we use my maiden name and fill in my married name under "other names" or 2.) Do we use my married name and fill in my maiden name under "other names" I understand that option 1 would not produce the desired result of having my married name on my GC, but I understand we might have to go down that path if option 2 is not allowed. Or is there any other option I'm not thinking of?
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