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  1. The request was made to transfer from Riyadh to Manila and the CEAC site has the MNL suffix at the end of the case along with a status of READY. Manila states they have not yet received the physical I-129F paperwork from Riyadh, though Riyadh says it was sent. The I-129F approval will expire 3/28/24 so we will be close to, if not past, that expiration date for my fiancee's interview. Manila stated the interview can still take place if expired, but is the Consular officer's discretion as to whether or not to revalidate the petition during the interview. Has anyone had their I-129F expire prior to the interview and had experience with declined or revalidated petitions?
  2. Our I-129F petition was approved and I received the notification letter today that it is In Transit to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for interview scheduling. The problem with this is that my fiance lives in Davao, Philippines and we had put Manila on our application as the processing embassy. I submitted a transfer request a little while ago to the Manila embassy, but was told it may take a couple of months for that to happen. Has anyone else had their petition sent to the wrong embassy before? My fiance was an OFW in Saudi Arabia for 6 years, but finished her stay there in September 2022 and went back to the Philippines right after that. We filed our application in February using her PH address.
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