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    I met Naty in the Philippines chat room on Yahoo in August of 2005. It was pure chance but we stuck like glue. When I saw her on the cam for the first time. My God, she was beautiful. Naty and I grew our relationship vis the webcam and IMs and I swear she grows more and more beautiful by the day. We have hung in there through Hurricanes here and Typhoons there. I had no idea how much my life would change in the nearly 4 years it has taken us to get to this point. Yes, nearly 4 years. I was an IT contractor and had an Ebay business at the time I met Naty. As I learned what it would take to bring her here, I accepted that challenge. I worked hard to find a job that was permenant, I battled through Hurricane Wilma and saw my world turn upside down for 2 months. In May of 2006, I found a good paying IT position with a Government Agency with benefits. Naty and I kept chatting and kept praying. My 6 months probatation job was up in October of 2006. but it would not be unitl May of 2007 that I would step off the plane in Manila. Seeing Naty for the first time in person nearly made my knees buckle. She was more beautiful then imagined. After our meeting in Manila, Naty would experience her first airplane ride from Manila to baguio on a turboprop. She loved every moment of it. The whole experience was tremendous. For those of you whom have not gone to the Philippines yet, it is a life changing experience. I rented a private house, used public transpostation and Naty and I lived as husband and wife for 3 weeks. When I returned to the US, I knew I needed a place for Naty to live. I first thought of an apartment, but then a friend of mine offered to sell me her home as she was getting married and moving away. I swear God is rooting for us. I bought the house at such a low price that I am ashamed to say what the amount was other than its comparable to what others would consider a down payment. FINALLY, I had the job, the house, and now the process began to bring Naty here.
    Not understanding anytihing about the K1 would add months to the filing. I did not know about visajourney at the time. Now thanks to VJ we are close to making this 4 year wait a reality. All I can say is that if you beleive with your heart and you PRAY. and you just stand up each time you fall, You can do this. Good Luck to all of you on this journey with us. Feel free to contact me if you need help.
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