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  1. I have read the i129F instructions and from what you guys are saying, it's not needed for me or my fiance to mention that we're blind. I have no idea why both attorneys that i talked about told me that we need documents stating that we're blind.
  2. Thank you for your response. We do have photos, stamps, tickets and hotel reservations. In a lot of the guides it's mentioned that call logs and emails are also required, though perhaps as not important as the evidence that we've met. One worry that i have with these services, is that they might put us on some sort of a queue and do the process on our behalf at a slow pase, but perhaps i should consider them. Can we trust them with our documents?
  3. Hello I would like this community to give me some advice whether I should hire an Attorney or not. We do have a little bit of a special situation so that's what's has me a little bit concerned. We're both totally blind, but we are able to work with computers with screen reading software. I live in Iran and my girlfriend lives in the US. We've been online dating since a year ago and we've met each other, outside of the US, on April of this year, 2023. We do have thousands of voice messages in between us and some text messages in between, and many many call logs on whatsapp and discord, but i am unsure about how to provide this sort of evidence when preparing our i129f package. I am also not sure if we're supposed to let them know if we're blind so the interviewer is aware. I've been looking up attorney prices and they cost around 2000-4000 dollars, just for the k1 visa process, excluding government fees. This will add up to my expenses of travelling to turkey or the UAE for my interview and it's going to be very expensive for me. Please let me know if you have any advice for us Cheers
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