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  1. Good afternoon! In short, my wife was accepted for her Visa in Colombia at the US Embassy two years ago and we have been married 1.5 years. When I completed all the paperwork for her visa they accepted my income and approved the visa without issue. Once in the US, we submitted the I-485 once again with my income, and even though it is above the guidelines they responded that we must have a sponsor. I replied to their letter with more details on my income and assets but they once again said a sponsor is needed. I asked the only person who I thought might agree, a family member, and they declined. I had no one else and especially given the times, it would be almost impossible to find anyone to agree to be a sponsor outside the family. So, our I-485 was fully denied. We never received a formal notice, I only found out through online case status. I know I can attempt to appeal, but from what I read this seems to be a rather worthless option. I've also read that if the denial was without prejudice, that we could submit a new I-485 with the needed sponsor which of course I do not have. We've contacted attorneys and they are more than willing to take the case for us, but of course it doesn't solve our underlying issue which really I have to figure out on my own. My question is this-- it has been two years now and my poor wife and stepdaughter have not even been able to leave the country to see relatives. My wife had her work approval and travel approved very late, and I am reading the card is null and void given the denial. Is this correct? Can she just stay in country until we figure out a way to reapply? Is there a time limit? I along with many others have had such a hard time of getting a hold of anyone to talk to at USCIS...I've sent inquiries and they never respond. I truly appreciate your ideas and or advice.
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