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  1. No, things are a bit more complicated than that in Peru. This is the best strategy according to the lawyer in Peru.
  2. Correct. We are getting a one year permission slip from the bio father. That is the max time according to out attorney in Peru. We tried adopting, but the court system in Peru is well, as you would imagine it. The bio father wants nothing to do with him, they have never met, etc. So, he will fill out a "renuncia" which is a public statement he wants nothing to do with him, it gets filed with the court in Peru, and we provide the documents to get my boy adopted in the USA, and it SHOULD go smoothly, being I have basically been his only father he knows. He has no idea the other guy exists. He will be 12 years old at the time, so it is a good time to just explain everything to him, although with the different last name, he has some idea already, but doesn't seem to care with the exception that he wants my name. I may ask some ignorant questions at times, but as you well know, it is hard to keep track, and I just like making extra sure how I understand things is correct. Thank you again!
  3. Correct! Thank you. To Peru, he is not, but to the USA, he is.
  4. No, you are right, I completely forgot! I am thankful you reminded me.
  5. I did, I think. And there is just a lot to navigate. And some information isn't so clear. For example, according to immigration, supposedly, I am considered the childs guardian, but is that the case when filing out visa paperwork as well? I know airport immigration says yes, and they will determine that at the interview etc, but is that necessarily how I fill out the paperwork, etc. not everything is explicitly clear, you know? I have even talked to more than one attorney, and even they need to check things. But agreed, I am constantly looking things up as well. However, I will also ask here to be certain my interpretation is the same as how others who have done it already know it, make sense? That said, it has been a few months since I read the guide, I should do it again.
  6. I am hopefully filing today, and before I do, I want to make sure I am filing everything properly. For my wife, I file the form Form I-130A, correct? Also, she has a son, he is 12 years old, but I am basically his father and have been his supporter since he was 3 years old. But he is not adopted yet. So, he is legally the son of my wife. So, for him I fill out the form i-130, correct,? Besides the basic documents, I just need them to provide passport photos. Do I have this right? I would hate to fill out the wrong forms. Thank you!
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