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  1. I know that my fiancee needs to get 3 police records for the K1 fiancee visa interview in Lima Peru: 1. CERTIFICADO JUDICIAL DE ANTECEDENTES PENALES 2. CERTIFICADO DE ANTECEDENTES JUDICIALES A NIVEL NACIONAL 3. CERTIFICADO DE ANTECEDENTES POLICIALES I am assuming that #1 and #2 in the list above can only be properly obtained in Lima and that #3 is obtained in the local city my fiancee lives in (as well as any other city she lived in for more than 6 months). My fiancee lives in Iquitos. She believes that she can get #1 and #3 locally in Iquitos. Does anyone with a fiance/fiancee from Peru that did/does not live in Lima have experience with which certificates MUST be obtained in Lima and which can be obtained in the local city? Thank you for any and all help.
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