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    I went down to Monterrey MX for work. The company I was at closed the Boston branch and moved to Monterrey. During my 6-8 month stay (back and forth 3 weeks MX/1 week US) you get to know La Fonda de San Miguel @ Barrio Antiguo. (What a great night spot BTW, live bands, friendly people...can't beat it.) Anyway, about 6 months into my trips, I took some friends from work. (Spanish friends who actually hadn't been there.) We went in, found my friend Forrest (the waiter) and got a good table. About 1 1/2 hrs after we got there, I noticed this girl going to a table with friends diagonal from our table. Anyway, going on with that night, the bands kept playing great music and I noticed this little girl keep looking in my direction and smiling. So I thought she was looking at some friends behind me. I kept checking over my shoulder but didn't see anyone addressing her. So I finally thought, she must be smiling at me for a reason, I might as well smile back.... So I did, and she looked over HER shoulder to see who I was smiling at. I didn't go over to her table because I didn't want to be THAT GUY...you know what I mean. I got up to go to the bathroom and saw my waiter, who said he had a phone number for a girl he wanted to hook me up with....and right at that time, this little girl with the blond hair came over and asked him to bring another drink for her and then flashed me this magnificent smile and headed to the bathroom. I told the waiter, "Her, I want to talk with HER!" He said, ok, but I didn't think anything would come of it. Maybe 5 minutes later back at my table, (my friends had left by this time: 1-2 am. I was sticking around until this band finished up their set.) And there she was...standing directly behind me. (Turns out Forrest told her as she came out of the bathroom someone wanted to meet her...she said no way, especially when he said it was a Gringo.) But he pushed her to my table, and then went to her table to get her drink and placed it on my table also. I was scared, and intimidated, but went with the flow. (I spoke little Spanish and she spoke some English. Trying to communicate in a bar anyway....) Well we danced and talked together until the bar closed (5:30am). I had asked her if I could email her, and she gave me her business card which had her cell number in it. I asked if I could call her, and she said yes. (little did i know, these were new business cards that had her cell number on it, and she had forgotten about that.) So I left before her (one of her friends had stayed to keep an eye on her and to drive her home.) I knew there was something special about her, and I didn't want to force anything or be that pushy guy, so I took off first back to my hotel.
    I called her the next day and we met up again that night. (She figured she would be a tour guide for this gringo until he left to go back to the states and never heard from again.) Well we had a good time that night also. And kept seeing each other while I was down there. During the week I was in the states, we would talk almost everyday. Continued going there until they released me from my job. (the company was setup and no more reason to keep me around.)
    We would talk on instant messenger (web cam and all) and held a long distance relationship for 2 1/2 years meeting up together in different places for the weekends, or stay together for a week at each others homes. It just got harder and harder to say goodbye each time at the airport and our feeling were just getting stronger and stronger. So we decided to finally set a date to be together.
    Here we are 5 years later still very much in love. I feel so lucky to have meet this woman who changed my life for the better since I met her.

    ...Ohh and BTW, the reason she started smiling at me in La Fonda... I had on a Hawaiian type of shirt on, and she had told one of her friends, "Hey look, there's Magnum!' (as in Magnum P.I.) So she was LAUGHING at me the whole time....great! LOL
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