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  1. Debbiedoo, just curious what have you got against OP so much? He's really just asking for help. There is a one-year contact requirement with NVC, yes. In my experience, NVC tends to be much better with phone help than USCIS.
  2. Anytime, sir. Do look into therapy and don't worry about what people think. Try to better yourself each day. Mental illness is very stigmatized but that too shall pass.
  3. Sooo many things wrong with this thread, unbelievable. OP, as you've been told - you can have your sister be a joint sponsor. This is done all the time. People were trying to tell you only that she isn't sponsoring your wife (directly) per se, she is technically sponsoring YOU, so that you can sponsor wife. To everyone else thinking that mental illness is as simple as "man up" - oh boy. Y'all must have no idea. Also, why couldn't wife work and support husband once she gets here? What's so wrong with that? It's not the 1930's where women must sit at home and men must be the breadwinners. Every family makes it work however they wish. None of anyone else's business. Plus, once wife starts working - she is definitely NOT a public charge concern
  4. No need for passport. You can (and imo should) get the I-94 stamp, bring 2 passport-sized photos. +1 for the supervisor suggestion https://www.uscis.gov/i-9-central/131-list-documents-establish-identity-and-employment-authorization middle of page is it this? Kinda old but definitely valid https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/pressrelease/adit_10_21_04.pdf
  5. This. She can request an exemption and likely not need to do any of the tests. N-648 https://www.uscis.gov/n-648
  6. it's a state program so some states (NY one of them) have no such restriction on immigrants.
  7. Doesn't look right. In addition to the possibility that this is human trafficking/sex work/scam, EB1 is actually a green card. It is neither a work permit, nor a work visa. You can get it processed directly at the consulate but somewhat unlikely with this job title. Typically people arrive in the US first with H1B or L1, then adjust to EB1. There is a difference between a green card, a work visa, and a work permit. If this is a serious offer, you should find out which one this is as all of them have different options for bringing spouses, and no, you don't have to be a US citizen to bring your spouse over. Some non-immigrant categories are actually much easier. Anecdotally, Satya Nadella's (Microsoft CEO) story is an interesting one for those interested in reading up on it. If she is truly a masseuse and there are no other concerns for her safety, is this a temporary job, at a resort, cruise ship, casino? That could be an H2B visa instead which rarely progresses to a green card petition.
  8. poolemit

    Looking for advice

    This. Something's not adding up. OP, buying a house in this situation is a bad idea. Get a DL, then a job. Uber, lyft, grocery stores, cleaning, fast food, nurse aides, many opportunities out there. Getting "taken to a hiring event" sounds off. If MIL had wanted to help, she would have. Become independent and move on.
  9. poolemit

    Online filing for N-400

    There used to be issues with online filing over a year ago. Now things are better, file online, no need for lawyer.
  10. poolemit

    Change in status (merged)

    Florida racer, as they say, ignorance is bliss Ontarkie, sorry about that.
  11. poolemit

    Change in status (merged)

    Great, I'll make sure to self-deliver my USPS from now on, otherwise I'm not responsible enough >.< Any suggestions for how to tackle files getting lost and/or being sent to another field office with no trace? Maybe I could plant a GPS in my papers next time. But what happens when the battery runs out? DACA is a very complicated matter, I'm very envious you have a firm opinion on it. I have gone back and forth on it myself many times but I believe most people can at least acknowledge it's kids (or at least people brought as kids) we're talking about here. Don't worry about being rude, go ahead, I'm definitely used to it. This country was founded by immigrants looking for better lives, so sad to see what it has become.
  12. poolemit

    Change in status (merged)

    Right...this is not about the "illegals" though. As a side note, I am yet to see an "illegal" demanding much of anything. Of course I am taking it to heart given how much USCIS can (removed) up and you can end up in a lot of trouble through no fault of your own.
  13. poolemit

    Travel with GC

    Congrats, I'm sure it feels great to finally breathe! Nothing to worry about upon travelling, try not to lose the green cards, if it happens you can get a transportation letter from the nearest consulate (most, anyway.) And don't bring back unapproved foods! That's really more of a customs issue, you may get a fine, many airports seem to have dogs now.
  14. poolemit

    Change in status (merged)

    Honestly, it's really not that extreme or unrealistic if it's YOU that it's happening to. It's just one more thing to worry about on top of everything else, especially for those who are already living under the "taxation without representation" paradigm for many years. Family-based will probably remain OK.
  15. poolemit

    Change in status (merged)

    Really? Y'all are on the side of USCIS and ICE now? You've never heard of files getting lost in the gigantic USCIS black hole, or mail from them getting lost - especially after address changes?? Not to mention letters getting lost due to USPS (another black hole if you've ever had to deal with them). Odd... Also, work-related visas/green cards are a whole other story, I know this is a mostly family-based forum, but still - most should know how complicated they are even without merger/acquisition stuff, so yeah, to me this isn't as simple as "don't commit crimes and you'll be fine" because many things can be out of your control and your entire life is ruined. Remember, some people work here, paying taxes, for over 10 years, patiently waiting for a green card, not everyone gets it in 12 months through marriage. Without getting political, the vibe around immigrants hasn't exactly been the friendliest lately.