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  1. Thank you so much for your help. We filled out the 485, 864, 765 and included a copy of the approved 130 and medical 693. How do we inform NVC of this change? Do we have to send a letter in the mail or is the notification sent via CEAC?
  2. Hello all in this community and please delete this post if it’s against the rules. I am a US Citizen who filed an immigrant visa petition for my mom who, at the time, lived in Ecuador. I filed the I-130 in December of 2021. My mom was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and she has been winning many little battles. She came to visit me and my kids in November of 2022 with her tourist visa. She was supposed to stay with us for a few weeks and return to Ecuador. We received the approval of the I-130 on March 6, 2023 and instructions on how to continue the process with the NVC and US embassy in Ecuador through CEAC. However, my mom’s health is now severely deteriorated. We’ve been rushing to the ER a few times since early March and MRI after MRI we were told that the cancer has reached her lungs and the doctors indicated that she cannot travel by plane.. anymore. We are devastated and worried about the time we have with her. On top of this, while she is trying to focus on the medical treatment options we are worried about her status in the US. We are not sure if it’s prudent to extend her tourist visa status or switch from Consular processing to Adjustment of Status because her authorized stay under the tourist visa expires in May of 2023. Any recommendations you may have will be greatly appreciated.
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