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  1. I sent printed pictures for my rfe and got approved. Make sure write the date and people names on the back of the pictures and also occasions.
  2. I googled it out and I found that I can addemn the case by calling USCIS and inform them about the application error and resubmitting the case. Do you think is a good idea? Or should my fiance just wait for his interview and mention this to consulate?
  3. The only thing that worries me is that the attorney marked as NO to the part that ask if he has any children. Even though I sent him all their information Birth certificates translated. I just cant believe this. I am.not longer working with him I canceled my contract. He is clueless
  4. He is unfortunately. I gave him all.the information about my fiance kids and still didn't include them and I was going through the paperwork he sent USCIS and the part that says if he had any kids the attorney marked as NO. I do not what to think anymore. 7 and 17 year old. Yeah they are coming with my fiance that was the plan since the beginning.
  5. Hello. I have a question. My attorney did not include my fiance kids on the actual i129f. I got approved on 03/09/2023. What should I do?. I called the attorney and he does not have a clue. I am really disappointed.
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