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  1. Apologies, it should be CR1 as my spouse holds a green card. Does that mean we need to go back to USCIS for the I-130 process? Our lawyer contacted NVC about adding our 2nd child and they said we just needed to add her there and complete the DS-260, which we did.
  2. Hello! Looking for some help as it feels like we’ve been skipped in the queue for an interview. I was DQ’d October 24, my son was DQ’d January 20. We had a 2nd child in November and immediately added her to our application and submitted all documents. Her documents are still showing as “submitted”, despite the timeframe for NVC to review her documents has passed. My questions are: 1) I was DQ’d October & my son was DQ’d January. Is it typical for a child to be qualified after the parent? Everything was submitted accurately and at the same time. 2) Montreal has scheduled interviews for applicants DQ’d in December. It seems like I was skipped (DQ’d October) Or is the interview scheduled based on my son’s date (DQ’d January)? 3) My daughter’s documents were submitted after I was DQ’d. They still show as “submitted”, but according to NVC’s timeframe, the dates they’re reviewing is now after the date I submitted her documents. Should we be concerned that they haven’t looked at her docs? 4) Do we need to wait for my daughter be DQ’d? How can we get her DQ’d if NVC hasn’t reviewed her docs? Very grateful for any help or similar situations. Thanks very much.
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