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  1. Can you explain what you mean by that? What is administrative processing?
  2. Hey all. I applied for my husband's spouse visa last May and we are still in the stage of waiting for his I-130 approved (likely soon now). Originally, we planned for my husband to have his interview in Islamabad, Pakistan b/c that's where he lives. But, we recently talked about him going to New Zealand for some study program (his sister lives there too) which he'd need to get a NZ student visa for (likely for 6 months). Majority of the programs he has shown me that are options start in July. So, he'll likely be there until the end of the year. Is it possible to have the location of his interview changed from Islamabad, Pakistan to Auckland, New Zealand on the basis of having a NZ student visa? Our 2 main concerns are: 1) it would be tough if he gets an interview notice while he's studying in NZ. He'd have to fly back to PK and then back to NZ to study and then back to PK to pack things up to come to USA. 2) We're aware of the long wait times to get an interview in Pakistan and have researched that that NZ has a significantly shorter wait time. So he'd most likely get to do his interview while studying in NZ.
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