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    We are two single and lonely people before our lovestory begins. Now that we've found each other can't let anything to just separate us from having each other no matter how many million miles away we're distance apart. For all we know God has a bright and future plan for both of us! We'll be together again soon and for the rest of our lives.

    Chris and I met in kuwait. Actually I never imagine I would meet my husband-to be in this gulf country Im in right now. Im from philippines and Im an OFW just trying my luck on my career potential here abroad. Upon meeting him, all of a sudden my way of life changes differently as I've plan...to a more meaningful and happier life.

    Right now, our K-3 case is on process and I decided to stay here in kuwait as I continue working while waiting to be approved. Just hoping that everything would be fine someday. Thinking that it would be more faster to get my visa approve if I stay here in kuwait than going back to philippines. Im hoping to get some insight about the visa processing staying abroad, to see some points of view on the differences compare to my home country visa processing progress.

    In fact I am so overwhelmed with the lots of things to be done and especially with the long waiting period of time and to complete the processing with the USCIS. huh! I've better be thinking of the bright and happy future that lies ahead before us to conquer this very long and time consuming proccesses.

    Wanna THANK YOU EVERYONE on Vjers for all the posts. I am learning a lot from your experiences being shared here. Godbless to all!!!
    From our part, we'll be keep on updating our timeline here as always. Goodluck to everybody!

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