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  1. Thank you for the words of encouragement @a89syd9a. I just wasn't sure if the part where they mention "and police records" as a technicality to deny my request but it makes me feel good to know you agree with how I am interpreting it.
  2. Here is what I have detailed in my letter. Is this exactly what they want to see? Am I leaving anything out?
  3. I know it seems pretty straight forward but its giving me so much anxiety and I am losing sleep over this. They need to receive my response by May 12th, so I have to send out what I have pretty soon. I was going to send it out today and I was feeling pretty good about it but now I keep thinking there might be more I can do to ensure a positive outcome. Am I over thinking this? I saw one person got an FBI background check done is that necessary ? Here is what I have: 1.Certified statement from the court with court stamp establishing non-existence of records 2.Notarized statement detailing events etc. 3.Certified PA state police background check indicating no criminal record Thank you in advance to anyone who can help clear this up, I am stressing big time.
  4. The RFE mentions at the top to submit copies of all court and police records. I obtained certified documents from the court stating that there are no records. Does that automatically imply that there are no police records or do I need additional evidence to establish the nonexistence of police records?
  5. Thank you for the response. I was never detained or arrested, Due to the passing of time (14+ years) I can only answer these questions to the best of my knowledge/memory and I don't to answer dishonestly and risk my case being denied.
  6. Thank you for the response. I looked through the posts and I am still not sure If what I have is sufficient. The Police Departments are not willing to write a letter, they are just stating the records don't exist any more. Is the certified letter from the court and notarized statement sufficient?
  7. Hi Everyone, I (petitioner of I 129F) received an RFE regarding two alcohol related citations I received more than 15 years ago which I was not arrested for (underage drinking and possession of alcohol in a state park). I am unable to obtain police records or court records for these citations and I don't recall specific details that are being requested. I was able to obtain a certified letter from the court stating that there is no record for me on file (including the court seal). I also obtained a certified background check from the PA state police stating that I have NO criminal record. I am in the process of writing a statement to the best of my abilities but I am relying on my memory. Does any one have any advice or thoughts on if this will suffice? ( certified letter from the court with stamp seal, background check from PA state police, and notarized letter) If I recalled something incorrectly in my statement, will I be punished by immigration services and not be able to re-apply for CR-1 spousal visa?
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