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  1. Thanks everyone. Yes I agree. It was stupid on my part. I should have known better. 1) How do I withdraw? 2) When I finalize both divorces and "remarry" my wife, am I still doing IR1 (which is what I meant in the title)?
  2. I've been married and living abroad for almost 15 years. I got married out of the US. Previously, when I was young and dumb, I was briefly married in the US, and apparently I still am. My then (and still now) spouse said a very long time ago, before I got married to my now wife, that she annulled the marriage. All this time I thought that our marriage had ended. I'm just now finding out that that was not the case and that there is no record of our divorce. I've already filed the i130 and waiting for the NOA. What will happen now and how can I remedy this? Thank you for any advice.
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