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  1. This is exactly what I’m going to do and hoping for the best
  2. I filed I 90 and have scheduled for finger print for 1st week of December. I rescheduled it since im still abroad. I’m planning to fly by last week of December. I’m bringing the i 797 receipt letter and the CBP flyer about flying with expired GC in the airport.
  3. I’m planning to renew the GC and have it sent to my relative. It asked for where I live right now. Which one do I use the mailing address?
  4. Hello Any updates? 

  5. so from i what i understand from all the replies: i can try to come back to the usa with expired green card... possible scenarios are CBP may force me to sign that form to surrender the green card or i ask them to schedule to see the IJ... so whatever i choose, i can still enter the usa?
  6. i am gay and i was in a long term relationship at that time and my family did not agree with me and support me. my partner was sick that time and i decided to go home to take care of him.
  7. thank u for these advices. im thinking try renewing the GC but i read that they may require finger print so may not be the best thing to do
  8. i wont be able to do this route. can they send me back right then since my GC is expired when im already in the usa?
  9. If I ask someone in the usa to file i90 to renew green card, would it require them to finger print me?
  10. Yes its 10 yrs. I worked for the couple of yrs I was in the usa, had a bank, car, credit cards, filed taxes.. i might get refused in usa customs and get deported and get banned?
  11. I currently live in the Philippines for the past 7 yrs. I came in the USA when I was 19 yrs old through petition by my step mother. I had a green card. After couple of years I decided to go back to the Philippines due to my stupidity and stubbornness. I deeply regret it. My father is willing to file for my petition. I understand that it will take many years. My question is will I get denied since I already had a green card before? Also, as he is gathering documents to submit, his passport is expired. Is it okay if we just submit certificate of naturalization? Thank you
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