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  1. I got it in sept 2022 when i was there and i came back in November 22 ….and till now i’m in India
  2. How long is valid italian police clearance certificate??? Certificato del casellario giudiziale ???
  3. My child’s case is at nvc waiting for documents to be qualified but my case (mother) is already dqed since dec 2022 Does 2 years old needs to attend his own interview or I can bring him with me at my interview date???
  4. Actually his father is US citizen Do i need to upload his photograph ?
  5. What documents do I need to submit on ceac website for 2 years old ?? Please help ,child’s case is approved at uscis and now need to submit documents to nvc.
  6. Why did they rejected?? Can you please tell because my pcc got rejected and they used same note for me too….
  7. My pcc from police station has only this sign and the other one from passport office i mentioned in first comments
  8. I submitted casellario giudiziale but forgot about carichi pendenti so they asked me to submit that pcc but they rejected also pcc from india can u please msg me on Instagram kiranmultani99 because u have the same case as mine and i need help thanku
  9. Soo did you submit pcc from police station or you also attested it from embassy,patiala house and dc ???
  10. I do but they can’t understand the reason , the only reason may be its because if the sign because stamp ink is same as the sign one…. Does your pcc has sign different from stamp???
  11. Hey dear , are you from italy too? If yes,did you submitted 2 pcc from italy ?
  12. Hi dear,i submitted both of them but they rejected so now im confused and i need help.Can u please tell me from where are you? And here is the reason they give
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