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  1. Im a green card through my family not marriage. I got married with my husband in our country and he is not a citizen in US nor a green card holder. Can i file for a divorce here in US or should i get it in our country since we got married there? Unfortunately, they only have annulment and no divorce thats why i wonder if i can file for divorce here since I’m a resident in US. Thanks for those who could help.

  2. Thank you so much appreciate your help!
  3. I was planning to change everything since most of my government ID is about to expire this coming 2023 except green card cause its valid for 10 yrs and it would take me 1-2 yrs to be approve for name change in GC and pay a lot for it. Im eligible for naturalization after 2 yrs so it doesnt make any sense for me to do the name change on GC
  4. I got my green card because of my family a few years ago then i got married this year. So my marriage certificate was issued after GC
  5. Can I change my name on social security and not on green card? I recently got married and its expensive and too long to process a change name on green card so i might just wait for my naturalization. So i was just wondering if i can just do it on social security only. Thank you for the answer
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