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  1. Did you finally get an IL from the embassy?
  2. I just got DQ 5 minutes ago. Submitted on the 7th of December. Good luck to all
  3. It’s been so quiet here. Any updates from other December submitters this week?
  4. I submitted December 7th can some add me to the list thanks
  5. My request to add a joint sponsor was accepted today since I submitted it yesterday around 2pm it wasn’t accepted till 8am this morning
  6. I don’t want to make any mistakes again. What they need for proof of us domicile? Please someone tell me. Thanks
  7. I added her about 2 hours ago but it’s showing me N/A so how do I upload the documents? Thanks
  8. True that’s wat happened I didn’t add a joint sponsor. I just added the documents under my name. I wasted almost 2 months because of Ignorance. SMH
  9. I have sent in an inquiry and I will just upload the joint sponsor documents for incase. Thanks
  10. It say my sponsor documents are rejected I have to upload my sponsor documents
  11. So I submitted on the 27th and I got an rfe saying my joint sponsor documents are rejected but my it still shows Accepted on the dashboard. What does this mean because earlier in October the rfe said I needed a joint sponsor but the consulate will determine it.
  12. Yes just upload the documents because they won’t put you in queue for interview until all documents are complete.
  13. whats the Facebook group name I want to joint
  14. Yes it’s fixed now I just saw it on my account
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