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  1. What did i do that they want to remove me, i never had any crime or problems in this country
  2. My green card is whit me , officer gave it back to me , is it a good sign?
  3. Asas i got my gc I applied for reentry permit and backed to iran to handle my problems so that time i didn’t have anything to show relation to us , I’ve never been to us before that
  4. What happens to my passports? You think officer wants to make me problem I’m thinking about anything right now honestly like he wants to lose my passport and making me problem how can i proof i gave him my passport i have no receipt?
  5. They asked me request for initial evidence that i didnt abandoned my residency during my absences like mortgages ,car insurance, rent payments , loan, when i was outside of country for sure I don’t have none of them they know that but i don’t know why they asked me for that after 5 months of interview which officer told me we send you form in one week , what should i do now ? What do i respond to their request? Please help me 🙏
  6. I’m from iran, i sent documents related to my sickness of my father that i have to be there , today they updated my account asking for initial evidence, like rent or mortgages payment or bank account or loans or car registration… I don’t have none of them , i left country whit reentry permit and told them the reason at the time
  7. He told me to check my exit and entries, officer was shady his name was hawng i think from south korea, he told me i send you form n14 for additional documents, today i gor update from uscis ask for initial evidence that shows I didn’t abondoned my residency during my absences, I don’t have anything to show i have only my documents that shows my father was sick at the time
  8. hello guys , please someone guide me! i got my gc august 2015 was at us for two months then applied for reentry permit to be out of us for one year and 11 months , i had problems to take care of my father, i backed to us on september 2017 , I waited four years and one day and applied on September 15 2021 for naturalization, i also had a trip between march to September 2020 for 5 months and half because of start of covid i left us, i had my interview on may 2022 , appeared for interview everything was good except officer asked me during two years absence do you have any proof that shows you related to country like rent leasing or bank accounts…, for sure I didn’t have because I applied for reentry permit to be out of country to fix my problems i only had my father related documents that shows he was sick at the time so io took that documents from me and told me we send you form n-14 for additional documents and you get it in one week, it’s been 5 months past my interview no form and no decision, I emailed uscis and said I didn’t receive any form , they replied if we need something from you we will contact you and your case pending adjudication, also officer at the interview got my original home country passports ( expired and unexpired) and told me we will give it to you in ceremony!!! Why he told me that ? What you think about my case ?
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