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  1. Thanks for your comment. No I applied by myself. I didn’t have any lawyer.
  2. Thanks both of you about your valuable feedback. I saw few videos on YouTube and read some articles. All were suggested have to be re-apply again after July 2024.
  3. Thanks for your reply... On March 2022 I had completed my 5 years in US. And I applied under 5 years rules. So do I have to wait until July 2024 since I had 1 charges being on May 2019 and same has been closed out on July 2019? Was that the reason?
  4. Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing well today ! I need your help. I stunned this morning at the decision of my N400 being denied. I wanted to get some advice to what I might be looking forward to and the next steps to take. I'll provide the details of my application and the interview below. General Details: - Came to US on March 2017 under FX1 category. - Issued my green card on 03/2017 and will be expired on 03/2027. - Filed N400 under 5 year rule on 01/2022 - Gave Bio metrics on End of Feb 2022. - Gave interview on 09/09/2022 at Philadelphia USCIS office. Passed the English and civic test. IO told me decision cannot make right now. - Had a summery offence on May/2019 for charged with Retail Theft- After Label/Pricing Marking. - Court Case Output came on July 2019 I pleaded guilty and were sentenced to pay fines and costs. Which I paid on same day and case was closed. - No Hand Cuffs, No Jail time, No Probation Evidence Details: - Provided all relevant documents like marriage certificate copy, GC Copy, Current passport copy, kids Date of birth certificate and court certified copy which was showing case was closed and paid fines. - IO did not ask any more dox. On Denied Letter: To be eligible for naturalization, you must demonstrate that you are a person of good moral character. USCIS finds that the unlawful act you committed and were convicted of adversely reflects upon your moral character. Additionally, you have not established any extenuating circumstances that would warrant a departure from this finding. Since you have not established that you are a person of good moral character because of the crime you have committed, you are ineligible for naturalization at this time. See INA 101(f) and 316(a)(3) and Title 8, Code of Federal Regulations (8 CFR), section 316.10(b)(3)(iii). If you believe that you can overcome the grounds for this denial, you may submit a request for a hearing on Form N-336, Request for a Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization Proceedings, within 30 calendar days of service of this decision (33 days if this decision was mailed). See 8 CFR 336.2 (a) and 103.8(b). Without a properly filed Form N-336, this decision will become final. See INA 336. For questions about your application, you can use our many online tools (www.uscis.gov/tools) including our virtual assistant, Emma. If you are not able to find the information you need online, you can reach out to the USCIS Contact Center by visiting www.uscis.gov/contactcenter. Could you please guide me in this situation. Can I contact my area's congress man ? What should I do? I will be waiting for your comments. Quick response will be appreciated Thanks in advance
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