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    Had my interview today. It was a great experienced, a stress free indeed! The entire process lasted less than 30 mins. The IO was nice and very professional. He verified all the information that was indicated on my application. He asked me 6 questions that I answered correctly. 
    Questions are: 
    What is one promise you make when you become a USC? 
    Who is the governor of your state now? 
    Where is the Statue of Liberty? 
    Name two U.S holidays. 
    What  movement tried to end racial discrimination? 
    Who is the first president? 
    He gave me a piece of paper and asked me to read it. 
    "Who lives in the White House?"
    He handed me another piece of paper and instructed me to write what he say.
    " The President lives in the White House"
    After that, he asked me: what do you think of the interview? I answered, I  think I'm doing good. He said: do you think so? Or you do so? Lol!
    He then printed the paper that says I'm recommended for approval. That's  it!  I'm looking forward to hear an update for  my oath ceremony soon!
    To the rest of January 2012 filers, good luck to all of you. Im hoping that you all have a good interview experience without any delay or unexpected problems that you might encounter.
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