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    And they lived happily ever after.
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    Naturalization (approved)
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    United Kingdom
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    From K-1 to US Citizen

    Our K-1 Visa Process

    24/12/2002 We hear each others voices for the first time
    21/03/2003 Mark comes over to the UK for a week to meet Gemma
    08/09/2003 Gemma visits Mark for his birthday
    15/06/2004 After graduating from Uni Gemma visits Mark
    26/06/2004 Mark proposes
    24/11/2004 Gemma experiences her first Thanksgiving!
    03/03/2005 Mark visits Gemma for her birthday
    25/06/2005 I-129F mailed
    28/06/2005 NOA1 received
    02/09/2005 NOA2 received (letter actually arrived 22/11!)
    30/09/2005 Packet 3 received
    29/10/2005 Packet 3 sent back to London Embassy
    17/11/2005 Visa Medical in London
    24/11/2005 Received Medical results via post
    28/11/2005 Got an interview date!
    03/12/2005 Received packet 4 by post
    13/12/2005 Interview at London - APPROVED!
    23/12/2005 My Markle arrives for his first British Christmas
    01/01/2006 I leave with Mark for the States!

    Our AOS process.

    01/01/2006 Arrived in the US with my fiance
    18/01/2006 Applied for SSN. Going through manual verification. The wait begins...
    27/01/2006 Recieved SSN!
    21/03/2006 Married!
    25/05/2006 Sent off AOS and EAD to the lockbox
    27/05/2006 AOS and EAD package received
    08/06/2006 Recieved NOA1 for AOS and EAD, dated 05/06/2006
    16/06/2006 Recieved Biometrics appointment letter
    23/06/2006 Biometrics taken for 1-485 and I-765
    26/06/2006 After registering for email updates, discovered my case was "touched"
    16/07/2006 Received letter for AOS interview.
    05/09/2006 AOS interview: APPROVED!

    Our ROC Process.

    23/06/2007 Started moving process to sunny California. Yay, more paperwork!
    06/13/2008 Sent off I-751 package via certified mail. The waiting begins all over again...
    06/19/2008 Package finally arrives at Service Center
    06/24/2008 USCIS cashed check
    06/25/2008 Received NOA dated 06/20/2008
    07/02/2008 Received Biometrics Appointment Date!
    07/26/2008 Biometrics Appointment completed.
    07/29/2008 Case touched
    09/05/2008 Card Production Ordered!
    09/12/2008 Greencard received!

    Naturalization Process.

    01/05/2012: Mailed N-400 Paperwork
    01/09/2012: Paperwork Received!
    01/12/2012: Electronic Notification from USCIS
    01/13/2012: Check Cashed
    01/12/2012: NOA issued
    01/17/2012: NOA Received
    01/23/2012: Biometrics Letter mailed
    01/26/2012: Biometrics Letter Received
    02/02/2012: Biometrics Appointment
    02/06/2012: In line for Interview Scheduling
    02/08/2012: Scheduled for Interview. Notice Received
    03/19/2012: Naturalization Interview - Passed!
    03/27/2012: Oath Ceremony Letter mailed
    03/30/2012: Oath Ceremony Letter Received
    04/17/2012: Oath Ceremony - US Citizen!
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