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  1. Thank you this is good suggestion. The attorney I consulted asked me to look for another attorney counsel if 601 doesn't approve and if fall under removal proceedings.
  2. Thank you all. I have around 2 months to submit the RFE. We talked with the attorney's that has applied waivers before, but their main focus is on Employment based Green card. I am in dilemma whether I have to go with specialized attorney of I-601 cases or will the general attorney should be fine. If anyone share the attorney with positive experiences will help me a lot. We will try reach to setup consultation with them. I realized these are complex cases to get approvals.
  3. Recently we have got I 485 RFE asking for I 601 wavier for inadmissibility due to fraud and misrepresentation. Can anyone please let me know the 601 Waivers Attorneys.
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