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  1. At this point I don't "expect" anything, just trying all available options to get the process moving.
  2. We reached out to our Senator, his office has been very nice, but no action. We are a 5/18/21 case waiting for NOA2. We've filed inquiries, went past the 30 days waiting for a response, called and asked our sen to call again. We were told our case is being adjudicated (since July), but clearly it hasnt been touched. It should be a simple case for review if and when they ever decitlde to look at it. There are about 10 cases around our same date that haven't been worked. The lack of accountability at USCIS is mind boggling. I did just file a complaint with the Ombudsman, but their site makes it.clear thst.you shouldnt expect action. The folks here have been very kind and shared similiar horror stories. We just keep waiting. Hoping you and your f have better luck!
  3. All visa sponsors go through background checks as part of the application. Certain crimes make you ineligible to be a sponser, usually sex offenses, however, anything with violence is going to get greater scrutiny.
  4. I actually think that your husband's criminal record will be more of an issue than the financial support. This is where you need legal guidance. I would expect his case to get intense scrutinity. Several people in online groups write for advice on how to explain past offenses, however, your husband is still incarcerated, so he isn't been able to show that he changed. This will be a very difficult case to get approval.
  5. I apologize if I'm reading this wrong, but she cannot leave the country after getting married until you file AOS and get advanced parole.
  6. Thank you so much, we are going to try calling Monday, but hearing stories from others definitely helps. I know our family has a rare benefit of being able to visit with ESTA, so many are physically separated for years. I'd probably be a little less psycho if I didn't have a toddler who I expected to be apart from for a couple of months. He wasn't yet 2 when we filed and was barely 2 when I flew back to the US. He just turned 3 and is really struggling when he does back to italy with Mama. I really appreciate hearing from the other journeys here and am grateful for the board expertise. Thank you!
  7. Our K1 Fiancé application was filed in May 2021. After numerous changes in the expected date, they finally started May files. We waited and waited....nothing. Finally reached the Aug date to file an inquiry, but the site just states we should hear in 30 days. I can see in Case tracker there are a handful of us still waiting from 5/18/21. Any ideas on what is causing our random cases to be left behind? BTW, ours is a pretty simple case, 1 year together in US, 3 years loving together in Italy, US citizen child together, no divorces, no criminal, meet financial requirements. So confused and depressed....any insight would be appreciated!
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